A Savings Doubling DIY Project

Many economic analysts suggest that the American economy is on the mend. A close observation of The Jejune Bulletin’s local economy makes me agree with that sentiment. But an improving economy is no reason to stop saving money. Today’s DIY Delight will actually save you money TWICE!

Coasters are good for protecting your furniture, but coasters also cost money. You may be surprised to know that unique, stylish coasters can be made at home with tools and materials you already have. Allow me to take you through the process of making your own coasters to save your furniture.

The required supplies
The required supplies

Needed materials:

  1. A cardboard box
  2. Scissors or a box knife
  3. Paint, markers, crayons, etc. (optional)

    Cut a manageable piece of box
    Cut a manageable piece of box

First cut of a manageable piece of your box. Put aside the rest of the box for the moment; we’ll only be working with the smaller section. Cut your piece of cardboard into even smaller pieces that are large enough to cover the bottom of your favorite cups, mugs, and glasses. Use your imagination to cut your cardboard into unique shapes. I made a rectangle, a triangle, and a random polygon.

rectangle, triangle, and random polygon
rectangle, triangle, and random polygon
I like my coasters undecorated
I like my coasters undecorated

Use your paint, markers, crayons, etc. to decorate your coasters to suit your décor. Make sure your decorations are dry before using your coasters.

I promise your family and friends will be amazed by your new unique coasters and by your money saving prowess. Save money by protecting your furniture and save money by making your own coasters. Double savings made simple. Be sure to let us know if there is any project you’d like to see featured in The Jejune Bulletin. Look for us on Instagram (@TheJejuneBulletin) and Twitter (@JejuneBulletin).

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