The Jejune Bulletin was created by Henry Ryan Gibson as a way to get his opinions out to the world. Henry has always been a person to keep his thoughts to himself. But after reading the palavering drivel that consumes the internet, he decided to join the fray. Mr. Gibson has enlisted the help of a few close friends and a paranoid cousin to help make The Jejune Bulletin a more well rounded source of information.

Cynthia Parks is Henry’s mother’s next door neighbor. She is known throughout the local community as a pretty good cook. Cynthia is responsible for The Jejune Bulletin’s Culinary Corner section. The Culinary Corner section is full of recipes and all things kitchen.

Phillip Simms has been Henry’s best and closest friend since they met at the local hardware store a few weeks ago. Phillip and his wife Karen are always busy with all manner of crafts and hobbies. They were more than happy to take charge of the DIY Delights section. The DIY Delights section of the Jejune Bulletin is full of all sorts of aberrant and quirky projects for DIYers of all experience levels.

Feel free to contact The Jejune Bulletin if there is anything you would like us to review, recipes you’d like to share, or DIY projects. But please keep your conspiracy theories to yourself. Lester doesn’t need any encouragement.

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