Music Review

On this New Music Tuesday, I’m reminded of how terrible the music industry can be. Corporations are constantly churning out over compressed, over processed, soulless, emotionless, empty music that people really love. It can be really refreshing to hear a real artist making music without being under the control of those large corporations. Today I’ll be reviewing an album by the independent artist Giuseppe Santa Sauce.

Listening to Giuseppe Santa Sauce on
Listening to Giuseppe Santa Sauce

Giuseppe Santa Sauce uses a wide variety of notes in his music. There are low notes and high notes and notes in between. It’s mostly just guitar and singing, but the words are pretty good. Probably. I usually don’t pay much attention to words. Giuseppe Santa Sauce uses phaser, tremolo, and reverb. Sometimes it’s a little buzzy, but I think that’s on purpose. You can hear this album on the Giuseppe Santa Sauce bandcamp site. You can also get a t-shirt.

I’ve never really listened to anything on bandcamp. There are also other artists on bandcamp. They’re probably pretty good. I honestly don’t know much about it. The artists probably play live at places. I bet Giuseppe Santa Sauce plays live music at places. I think most musicians do. Live music is loads of fun if you like going out and doing things. I just listened to a song on bandcamp that really freaked my dog out.

These are my favorite headphones
These are my favorite headphones

Overall, I’d give Giuseppe Santa Sauce 7 out of 10 stars. I like music, and this is definitely music. The photo on bandcamp, that I assume fills the role of the album cover, is orange and features a white woman tossing salad. You should go listen to this music. You should buy it if you like it. And remember, just because it’s on the radio doesn’t mean it’s good; and not being on the radio doesn’t mean it’s bad. Give the little guys a chance.

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