DIY Delights – Money Saving Creativity

There are many useful household items that people spend their money on, not knowing they likely have everything they need at home already. With a little know-how and a little work, you can save a considerable sum of money every year. Today, I’ll be providing you with a little more know-how by showing you how to make something many Americans unknowingly waste their hard earned money on.

The doorstop is a vital tool in maintaining a proper household. And you could buy one. And it could cost you upwards of $40.00. There are many methods of making your own doorstop, but today we’ll only be showing you three.

The wood block doorstop
The wood block doorstop

Supplies for method 1:

  1. A block of wood. Heavy, but not too heavy.
  2. Paint (optional)
  3. Drill (optional)
  4. Artificial flowers (optional)

First, open the door you would like to keep open. Then place the block of wood in front of the door. The weight of the wood will keep the door from closing. If the block of wood doesn’t hold the door open, you’ll need to get a heavier block of wood. You can also paint your block of wood to match the décor of your home or office. Or you can drill holes in the top of your block and put artificial flowers in the holes.

Flowers in the doorstop
Flowers in the doorstop

Make sure you don’t hurt yourself with any tools you might use in using this method. Feel free to use your imagination in decorating your block.

Supplies for method 2:

The cardboard doorstop. You can see the fold I had to force at the top.
The cardboard doorstop. You can see the fold I had to force at the top.
  1. A piece of cardboard
  2. Scissors or box knife (optional)

Cut a length of cardboard. The necessary length of cardboard will vary depending on the amount of space between the floor and the door. Wedge your cardboard underneath the door. You may need to fold your cardboard.

The cardboard doorstop in action
The cardboard doorstop in action

My piece of cardboard already had folds in it, but I Also had to force a fold to make it thick enough. Be careful not to cut yourself with your box knife or scissors.

Supplies needed for method 3:

The book doorstop
The book doorstop
  1. A heavy book.

Open the door and place a heavy book in front of it. Paperback books probably won’t be heavy enough, so be sure to use a hardback book.

The Chuck Klosterman book isn't heavy enough.
The Chuck Klosterman book isn’t heavy enough.

The Chuck Klosterman book from yesterday’s Review Warehouse isn’t heavy enough. Thankfully the Stephen Hawking book from the nearby bookshelf is heavy enough. Pay heed to not drop the book on your foot.

Remember, a little creativity and a little time is all you need to save your hard earned money. Next time we’ll show you how to keep your bathroom floor squeaky clean. Step 1 is finding a man who can hit the toilet. (I’m looking at you, Phillip Simms)  Leave us a comment on the method you prefer. And be sure to let us know if there is any other sort of project you might like our help on.

  • Karen Simms, DIY Delights contributor

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