DIY Delights – Decorative Paper Towel Holder

Today in DIY Delights, we’ll be showing you how you can easily make your own decorative paper towel holder. It’s considerably easier than you might think, and you probably have most of the necessary items in your house already. Things you’ll need:

  1. A roll of paper towels
  2. A box that’s just a little bit longer than your roll of paper towels
  3. A dowel rod or similar item. The diameter isn’t that important as long as it’s longer than your box.
  4. Preferably Gorilla Tape.
  5. Scissors or knife
  6. Paint, stencils, wrapping paper, tin foil, etc. (optional)
Needed supplies
Needed supplies

First, take your scissors or knife and make a hole large enough for your dowel rod at the ends. The box I chose had handles on the sides so I skipped this step.

Box handle
Box handle

Then put your dowel rod through one of the holes, but not both. Next, slide the dowel rod through the center of your paper towel roll and then through the other hole in the box.

Dowel rod through both box holes and the paper towel tube
Dowel rod through both box holes and the paper towel tube

Tape the dowel rod to the box for security. I prefer Gorilla Tape, but duct tape or similar tapes will be fine.

Dowel rod taped to the box
Dowel rod taped to the box

Finally, decorate the box with paint, wrapping paper, tin foil, or leave the box how it is. I didn’t decorate my box because it already matched the décor of our house. A bonus feature of this paper towel holder is that the paper towels can easily be exchanged for toilet paper. This feature could really come in handy for camping trips or emergency situations.

The toilet paper option
The toilet paper option

Make sure your box is big enough to not soil your toilet paper if you plan on doing your business in the box. You should probably also line the box with a garbage bag so your waste won’t soak into the box. We hope you enjoy this project. It’s a great thing to have around the house and also makes a great gift for family and friends alike. Leave us a comment with your success stories. Be sure to tag The Jejune Bulletin in your Instagram and Twitter pictures. – Phillip Simms, The Jejune Bulletin DIY Delights co-editor


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